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The List | 10 La Liga Predictions 14/15

La Liga fixtures are set to be revealed imminently and excitement is at a fever pitch. With Real Madrid and Barcelona putting the finishing touches to their 2014/15 squads there have already been some superstar arrivals, and the coming season promises to be a big one. Here are ten predictions we have for La Liga this season.

Diego Simeone to actually punch someone – Probably not Raphael Varane, who will be staying out of his way after the Champions League final events. El Cholo literally went loco after being baited in the Lisbon and showed us all the Argentine beast inside of him. Atleti have lost their top stars this summer and expect Simeone to lose the plot at some point as he tries to defend his title.

A classic El Clasico – The biggest game in domestic football is always a good one, but with the inclusions of Luis Suarez and James Rodriguez it will be better than ever. Toni Kroos has now been added to the mix and there could be even more new superstars on show in what is usually one of the title deciders. 

A swimming pool Arjen Robben would be proud of – Diving is something the majority of La Liga watchers are fairly familiar with, but this season it looks set to rise to new levels. Jose Mourinho made it clear he felt Luis Suarez dived far too much, now he, Neymar et al are all in the same team. Not that the rest of the league are angels either.

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Chewy Luis v Pepe – Move over Haye v Chisora. We'll miss out on the joy of Pepe v Diego Costa, but now we have a whole new saga to look forward to and whilst Costa may have been accused of playacting at times to ramp up tension, Suarez is a different beast altogether. His previous trio of bite victims may have taken that on the chin, but Pepe? Suarez will probably be too scared to flash his nashers at Madrid's head-butting lunatic come the Clasico.

Some pretty dodgy officiating – Most likely at the Camp Nou or Bernabeu should either of the big two be losing. A red card here, a penalty there and everything is right in the world. Both Barca and Real Madrid throw around accusations of the other being given preferential treatment but lets face it, both have far more decisions going their way than the minnows of the Liga and can be handed games on a platter at times.

From San Iker to Sulking Iker – The Spanish legend did not exactly take too well to Diego Lopez coming in and usurping him, now he has to fight off Keylor Navas too. With only one goalkeeper able to start and one on the bench, could we be about to see a scenario with Casillas missing out totally? If we do, expect Marca to wage a campaign so fierce, Ancelotti would probably drop an outfield player to include the man dubbed a ‘saint.’

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Sergio Ramos to be reunited with his best friend – Who you may ask? That would be the yellow card. Sergio Ramos has spent more time with the yellow card than Ashley Cole has checking his bank balance and he likes to flirt with an occasional red too. Cheeky bet on Ramos to be the first player carded for Real Madrid this season? If you like money, that’s a safe one.

Preening, posing, tanning and hair gel galore – Any league that includes Cristiano Ronaldo and an alice band wearing Gareth Bale will be able to boast this, but now with Real Madrid’s hot pink away shirts, their metrosexuality is set to take on a whole new level. Ronaldo is a shade of colour Ronseal makers would be proud of and now wants the best hairdo to boot. We already know Ronaldo can banish the dandruff from ‘that’ advert so Bale better get styling!

One of the big summer buys to be an utter flop – Neymar did not exactly live up to expectations last season and we are betting that one of Rakitic, Suarez, Kroos or James will suffer the same fate. Price tags are high but expectations are higher and the fans will be baying for blood if legends are not being made right in front of their eyes.

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Real Madrid or Barcelona to win the league - Do you think? Really? Up there with certainties in life such as blue sky, green grass and John Terry doing naughty things if left alone with your wife, one of the big two usually win the Liga. Last season Atleti spoilt the party but with the summer buys we have seen so far, normal service is set to be resumed once more.

What do you think next season will bring? Let us know your thoughts below.


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