Real Madrid have been forced to accept that they will have to adhere to La Liga rules when it comes to the font that they use for player names and numbers on their shirts in league matches.

From last year it became a requirement of La Liga that all teams use the same font during league matches. But Real being Real whole-heartedly adopted the view that rules are made to be broken and so they chose to use different fonts in certain matches. They also took the matter to the courts, arguing against being forced to use the La Liga font. The move has backfired somewhat for Real however, with the court ruling in La Liga's favour.

Real Madrid Font 5050 1-min.jpg
Real Madrid font 5050 2-min.jpg

Real were arguing that different fonts helped to emphasise the ‘z’ in names like ‘Benzema’ and ‘Odriozola’. However, following the court ruling they must now adhere to La Liga’s font regulations.  

With it being Real who took the matter to court and as a result of the outcome, it will be them who have to foot the bill for the case. Los Blancos should be able afford it though. Real Madrid will still be able to use their own choice of font in the Champions League and Copa Del Rey, but as far as La Liga goes, the courts have spoken.