Arriving under the banner “The Heart of La Liga”, PUMA have unveiled the first official match ball that will be used for all of the La Liga Santander and La Liga 1|2|3 professional matches in the 2019/20 season.

News broke at the beginning of April that PUMA had taken over the reigns from Nike, signing a long-term agreement to become the official sponsor of La Liga, which would entail, among other things, supplying the official match ball. The main reason for La Liga’s departure from Nike after a two decade partnership, is that La Liga officials were not happy with the uniformal nature of footballs supplied by the Swoosh across Serie A, the Premier League and their own league. With PUMA, it’s believed that they now have their own, unique, globally recognisable and completely exclusive match ball.

La Liga ball 1-min.jpg
La Liga Ball 2-min.jpg

With an 18 panel heat sealed structure, the new La Liga football is based on the brand’s Final 1 Statement ball, which is designed to be a perfect sphere that guarantees better stability, a soft touch and reduced water absorption. One of the new details of the ball is located in the 1mm Hi-Solid Dimple PU (San Fang) casing which improves the aerodynamics and also provides high resistance to the graze and wear and tear, which creates better durability and high performance level. Works sort of like a big golf ball then. The ball is certainly unique across the top league’s in Europe, but time will tell if it becomes truly iconic and synonymous with Spanish football.

The PUMA La Liga official match ball will be available from from July.