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10 Things You Might Have Missed This Week – 07/02/2020

Another week of weirdness, captured perfectly by a Newcastle fan’s over exuberant, helicopter-inspired celebrations in the FA Cup fourth round replay against Oxford. At least he didn’t have his phone in his hand though, unlike a certain Oxford fan. Although the Lazio Ultras showed what can be done with a phone in your hand at a football match. All of that and more make up 10 things you might have missed from the world of football this week. Let’s get started…

Sean Dychhead – UEFA AAA license management right there. Proper gaffer.

From Bayern To Brooklyn – Alphonso Davies recreating Jake Peralta's version of 'Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way' from Brooklyn 99. What this video tells us is that the Bayern man has way too much time on his hands. He also has some mad acting and editing skills to be fair.

Maul Person – You really don't want to come up against the likes of M-papay or Fernandooneeyo. Merson been playing too much Pro-Evo.

Full Kit W4nkers – The adidas EQT 2020 MLS kit collection was revealed in New York this week, but in our opinion they missed a trick by not presenting it more like this... imagine the hype.

Oxford Gangsta – Just watch the football, mate. Witness your team get beat, then go and drown your sorrows with a coke and a kebab. That's football, "bruv".

Cocked Up – The closest Newcastle are getting to a semi.

Max or Min, Depending On The Temperature – The hero from Newcastle's fourth round replay against Oxford leaping to the defence of the Toon fan's over-exuberance, providing the best defence available. 

Wat The Ford? – Well what do you expect from a man from the Vicarage? In Joao Pedro's defence, the legal age in Brazil is 14. Still...

Great Goal Scorer – Yet to be determined whether Henry's coaching career can progress further than "look, just do this, it's easy."

Scorer Of Great Goals – At 37 years old, Quagliarella's happy to show that he's still got it. Banger.

 Split Loyalties – Trying to teach the offside rule when you're running the line...

The Gif Machine That Keeps On Giving – We should never underestimate the entertainment value of Jose Mourinho. We'll all miss him when he's gone. Until he takes up his next managers position at another Premier League club that is.

Pre-season Team Building – Ilsinho destroying his teammate ahead of the start of the 2020 MLS season.

Ultra Talented – Lazio Ultra's showed they're not just hooligans and that they're actually very talented, showing off their amazing Tifo skills ahead of their match against Verona. They recreated the club's famous eagle with just the lights from their mobile phones in celebration of Lazio's 120th anniversary.

And that's your lot. Few more than 10, but who's counting?

Daniel Jones

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