Football is proper weird. To prove it once again, here’s 10 things that you might have missed this week, including a new warm-up that you can perform from the comfort of the bench, the latest lifestyle-inspired match day wear, and Maradona's still a lunatic. Ready? Let’s go…

Mummy's Boy – What would his sister think?

Merch Man – Half the price of a replica jersey and twice as comfortable.

Tug Off War – At least someone on the Cardiff side was enjoying the South Wales derby...

Flying– Sheffield United and Crystal Palace making this Premier League business look easy.

Ballsed It Up – "Right lads, ever heard of Takeshi's Castle?"

Baked Right Off – Colin was chased out of the ground by an angry, spatula-wielding mob. A large fine and stadium ban coming Whitby's way, and rightly so.

Don't Look Now – Just gotta hold and give but do it at the right time.

Pure Filth – But the real criminal here is Bryan Mbeumo for not finishing that assist. Shame on you, sir.

Going For The Ball(s) – Conceded a 90+5 minute equaliser as the game ended 3-3. Bet the subsequent red card was at least a little bit worth it.

Nothing To See Here – Just Maradona managing Gimnasia to a 4-0 away win against former club Newell's. From a throne, obviously.

Cheers, Son's Crying – Nothing like conceding a last minute winner to Brighton to bring out your true feelings.

Join The Club – Ipswich welcoming Southampton into the record Premier League defeat club. A lonely place.

Happy Halloleeds – This kid wins Halloween for the second consecutive year.

And that's your lot for another week. Told you football was weird.