Hummel Hive recently offered the opportunity to metaphorically hop in the old DeLorean and experience an immersive time capsule experience called the 'Bedroom Archive', which was brought to life through the painstakingly faithful recreation of bedrooms of teenagers from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Hosted at Protein Studios in Hackney, London, Hummel’s ‘Bedroom Archive’ experience is basically your mum’s worst nightmare; a series of bedrooms faithfully recreated to showcase the eras that defined the brand. With more chevrons present than a ‘keep your distance’ stretch on the motorway, the event transports visitors back in time to the three defining decades for the Danish brand, which will feature memorabilia and replica from sides such as Spurs, Real Madrid and Denmark, and they’re joined by pop culture references galore, littered throughout the display and harking back to the decades that are in focus.

hummel 6-min.jpg

Founded in 1923, Hummel has gone on to produce some of the most iconic team shirts in history, whilst recently they have stretched out their creative arm to also become a major player in the streetwear scene, most recently on display through a second collaboration with Willy Chavaria.

But the Bedroom Archive is all about the past, not the present, and what a gloriously nostalgic trip it is too. Just... just don’t look under the mattresses. And definitely don’t pick up any socks from the floor – we have no idea how authentic this experience really is…

hummel 30-min.jpg
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The hummel ‘Bedroom Archive’ opens to the public on 4th October 2019 with entry between 11am and 4pm.