Bringing back some solid chevrons that run from head to toe in personifying a transcending look, Hummel have re-issued an iconic two-piece tracksuit in the shape of the arcHIVE.

Released under the Hummel HIVE umbrella which looks to embrace collaboration and cultural touch points, this tracksuit was originally created in the late 70s as a way of encouraging athletic activity amongst modern urbanites. Mixing a sport focused aesthetic with a typically relaxed Danish way of living, it's a piece from the product line that is synonymous with the hummel way of thinking. Naturally, there's a left field feel to a collection of tracksuits that have been released in six different colours. No mad running up the touchline in the ear of the fourth official, these come from more of a space where you play the game at your own individual pace. Scandinavian swag that go from the seventies to the street scene with pure class.

portrait 1.jpg
portrait 2.jpg

Maintaining an under the hood and sought after release, the tracksuit will land in exclusive retailers across Europe and include the streetwear hot spots such as Available from HANON (UK), Overkill (Germany), 24 Kilates (Spain), Par5 (Italy), Titolo (Switzerland), Le-Fix (Denmark) and Black Rainbow (France). A strong look as the seasons start to change. Everyone needs a high class track suit. Sunday best just got better.