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Hummel Hive Release Black Rainbow 'Marathona' Silhouette

Popping off with a zest of pink, Hummel's collaborative creator hub, the 'HIVE' have released a Black Rainbow special edition shoe in the shape of the classic 'Marathona' silhouette.

For both Hummel Hive and Black Rainbow, it's a chance to showcase the creative and cultural spaces they share. In turn, the iconic 'Marathona' shoe is one that transcends genres. Looking on point pitch side just as it would on the streets, it's a release that welcomes in that cross over of genres. Famous chevrons taking a print and media partner into tactile and treaded territory. All day alliteration. 


Hummel Hive is a part of the brand that has offered link ups in and out of football. Notable collaborations with the likes of 424 on Fairfax have put the essence of the brand back into the game and with the ability to dance between on and off pitch fashion, it's a good place to play out proceedings. For this release, just 300 pairs of the shoes have been released making it a sought out offering and one to savour. Good things happen when cultures collide.


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