Taking an inspired leaf out of the archives, Hummel Hive have released their 2017 History Pack which has been produced using original product catalogues of the 1970’s.

Landing with two fresh re-designs it's the Marathona OG and HB Team Sneaker that are back with serious colour as they look to strike the sidelines with an array of new colourways. Through Hummel's creative output, the 'HIVE' part of the brand is a place of expression and in picking out these stalwarts from previous product catalogues, it allows us to get a look at the diverse style that comes out of the Danish culture house.

An autumn release which draws upon original identity that has spanned decades the shoes in this pack symbolise style over time. From a confident mullet through to loud tracksuits it's an inspired release that drops in with more championed minimalist detail.

hummel history pack_0003_hb 4.jpg
hummel history pack_0002_HB3.jpg
hummel history pack_0004_Marathona 9.jpg
hummel history pack_0000_Marathona 5.jpg

Combining mesh detailing with soft pigskin suede, the Marathona OG is available in both grey/yellow and red/white alongside nuances of blue. An original 1970s design, the iconic silhouette has recently seen a huge return to popularity with designers now producing the sneaker in an enviable array of new shades.

Among hummel’s first handball sneakers in the 1970s, the HB Team-sneaker has since become one of the brand’s most desirable fashion offerings. The new pack sees the highly revered shoe return in two new colourways which include grey/red and blue/yellow, both featuring a natural gum rubber sole paired with mercerized suede and balm leather upper. Two options as delicious as each other, they're paired with punching style and a contemporary flavour.