The Champions League is back. For some that will conjure good memories, and for others bad ones, and it appears that poor old Loris Karius is still very much in the latter group. That along with Marcelo Bielsa just being boss plus a new reason you have to watch Europe’s premier football competition is all part of 10 things that you might have missed from the world of football this week...

Leed The Way – Just Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa doing his weekly shop in Morrisons. In his Leeds tracksuit. In other news, Morrisons in Wetherby is now trending in Argentina.

Owen Goal – So many lazy pundits on our screens. Too many ex-pros who are all mates who never call each other out. "Actually Owen, you're completely wrong there." Never going to happen.

Con-Kariused – Karius still suffering from concussion, 18 months after Ramos hit him in the Champions League final. You know, that or he's just actually not a good goalkeeper. Need a new hiding place now mate, Turkey have you sussed.

The Wright Moves – The next generation of the Wright family seems to be coming on nicely. Ryan's got big shoes to fill after Ian, Shaun and Bradley, but he's on the tight track.

Start 'Em Young – Has the exact same effect on a 30 year old man who's crying into his office desk on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Then he remembers it's Champions League night.

Close Enough – Look, Macedonia is sort of close to Kazakhstan, OK? Close enough for a Borat impression if you're Australian anyway...

Clean Sheets – Perfect if you want 55,000 people to see you getting out of the shower bollock naked at halftime. Should imagine out of all host countries the chaps in Qatar might kick off most about that.

Off For A Quick Terry Handshake – Yeah, tickled us this one.

Fishing For Compliments – What do Odegaard and his prize fish have in common? They've both hit the back of the net this month. Not even sorry.

Pretty Messi – The next Leo Messi is probably walking past this every morning.

And that's your lot. Have a good weekend, do some more stupid stuff and you may make the list next week...