From the next Vinnie Jones to a case of bad wind. It still surprises us how much weird stuff goes on each week on this planet that we called football. Here's another 10 things you might have missed this week. It's probably more than 10 to be honest, we don't really count anymore.

Statto – Hat's off to whoever created this. What does it tell us? It tells us that Messi and Ronaldo are particularly good at scoring goals. Much better than everyone else. Yes, we already knew that, but this is still a satisfying watch.

Tag-team – For those unaware of the story here, Billy Sharp celebrated a goal recently by recreating the finishing move of WWE wrestling legend Mick Foley, AKA Mankind. Foley heard about it and as a result came all the way over to Sheffield from the USA to watch Sharp's Sheffield United beat Brentford. The Blades captain even invited him over for some brekkie.

Bad Wind – Jurgen Klopp needs to think twice before complaining of the bad conditions again. Having said that, AFC Fylde's Nick Haughton did well to avoid a booking for time wasting here. Decent corner too. 'Keeper was shittin' it.

Horsing Around – In honour of Cheltenham festival, surely this is some of the best pun-ditry you've ever heard...

He's Behind You – Any danger of a man-on shout, lads?

Botched – If your penalty ends up behind you it ain't a good one.

Allez, Allez, Allez – Ever wondered how Liverpool would have celebrated their momentous Champions League win over Bayern Munich in the last 16? Wonder no more...

Dejan Lov's It – Here we have the self-proclaimed "Best Defender In The World" getting nutmegged. Three times. Once by Jordan Henderson.

You Do Ron Ron – Not that anyone thought Ronaldo suffered with his self-confidence. Absolute machine. Should have stuck a fiver on it, pal.

You Don't Lose It – Massimiliano Allegri showed he's not lost any of his playing ability, joining in with a Juve attack with a deft touch that kept the momentum pouring forward. Smooth as you like.

Move Over Vinnie Jones – Showing some acting chops worthy of an award, Luton Town's Sonny Bradley stumbled away after a horrendous assault by Bradford's Lewis O'Brien. As far as we know Bradley is very much still alive and well.

Here's The Kicker – Sheffield United were leading 1-0 when the ball went out of play for a Brentford throw. This chap tried to waste a few more precious seconds but ended up passing the ball straight to the Brentford player while become a viral sensation. Cheats never prosper and all that.

The Last Laugh – Smiling all the way to the Quarter Finals. Porto awaits.

That's your lot. If you're going to do something stupid this weekend, make sure someone's recording it so we can put it on here next week, yeah?