On the back of a week that saw the first bit of silverware dished out along with a full set of midweek fixtures and an El Clasico, it's time to review. But we're not here to talk about all that, are we? Nope, it's Friday, so from club punishments to how to increase your social media following, here are 10 things you may have missed this week from. 'Cos sometimes football is weird.

The OG – Kieran Trippier doing his best to take the limelight off Kepa Arrrizizibalglalaalala and all but dash Spurs' chance of winning the league. If there was even any chance in the first place. Which there probably wasn't.

Like Father, Like Son – Pepe Reina's son showing he's a chip off the old block in between the sticks. Just got to hope you haven't got his hairline too there, lad.

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Like Father, Like Son Part II – Must be the week for showing off your son's skills, as Isco displays what his wee nipper is capable of. Isco Jr one on one with Reina Jr? Could be something we see in the future.

Wheel Of Misfortune – Norwich City's punishment system was displayed this week as Marco Stiepermann opted to spin the wheel rather than pay a fine. Bet he wishes he'd just paid the fine now.

You Missed A BitAnd to prove that these punishments are carried out, here's Stiepermann cleaning the gaffer's car. Loving the colour coordination of green overalls with a yellow hosepipe. Norwich through and through.

Canterbury TalesMobolaji Dawodu was last to arrive for the team's Vase quarter-final, so he had to sing in front of the whole team. Embarrassing, right? Nah, chance to let it all out to the tune of La Bamba is how Dawodu saw it. He'll be late every week. That ain't a forfeit for him, is it? Showman.

The Club Landlord – Apparently it's an old styled house, lots of wooden features and an open fireplace. A house with a little bedroom under the stairs for Joe Allen to stay over at weekends. Plenty of character, no doubt, just how Brendan likes it.

Gary Nev-Hell – How do you get a major Spanish football team to follow you? Threaten them with the return of a Neville. Either would probably do.

Howe Did He Do That? – Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe showed off some Jedi-level skill on the weekend, catching his gum without looking as it popped out of his mouth mid-rage. Could be wrong but looks like a strawberry Hubba Bubba. Flavour's gone Ed, don't put it back in.

Scarred For Life – Willian emerges traumatised from the Chelsea changing room. Rumours of what he witnessed in there are yet to be confirmed but early indications suggest that it involved Giroud, a hair brush and a pot of vaseline.

Sarri's Secret Scribbles – Thanks to a new camera angle, what Maurizio Sarri was furiously scribbling in the wake of the Kepa cup final shenanigans has finally been revealed. Anyone whose name begun with 'S' legally had to scribble one of these onto every table and text book at school. Dem be the rules.

Throw it in – Go long. Like really long. Like back through the changing rooms, into your car and home, long.

Shut It Up Yer B*llocks – The safety of the stadium seats. Do that down the park and you're getting a tree branch wrapped around your noggin.

Is that 10? Does it matter? Nope. Have a good weekend. Do more weird stuff so we can do all this again next week, yeah?