It’s Friday, and to help you get through the last grinding minutes of the day before you can enjoy your weekend, we’ve rounded up ten things you might have missed from the world of football this week…

Bad Boy For Life – Diego Costa. Ultimate b*****d on the pitch, but there's something reassuring in knowing that he's like that with everyone, even his brother. Happy New Year in the Costa household.

Safe Standing – New Year's Day and you're away to Wigan. That'll blow out the cobwebs of last night's shenanigans, won't it? Not for your old man, he's still hammered.

School Shoes – Taking a page right out of the "Forgot your PE kit so you have to do it in your undies" book...

It Never Rains – Just when you think things can't get any worse as a Huddersfield fan, someone goes and turns your Dad into a GIF that will forever represent Huddersfield's 2018/19 season. 

Attention To Detail – Kudos to Lewis Swallow for this... riveting bit of trivia. Lewis is the sort of bloke you want on your pub quiz team, but for him then to leave as soon as the quiz is over.

Only The Brave – The Glasgow derby gave us several things, not least this beautiful mother of all drop balls. It really is a lost art. If there's one thing in this world that Scott Brown lives for it's menacingly windmilling into an Old Firm Drop Ball. He looks angry but also the happiest he's ever looked, all in one clip.

Elite Level – One person looks happier than the other here. One person knows this is the Champions League anthem. The other person doesn't. Always makes us want a pint of Amstel that music.

Unselfish Messi – As well as being an absolute goal machine, Lionel Messi also topped the assist charts 2018 with 26 in all competitions. And someone was nice enough to combine them all in this video for our viewing pleasure. Fifth best player in the world, this lad. Apparently.

Keeping It Interesting – 3-0 up in the 85th minute of the game, Sheffield United's Dean Henderson obviously decided to be extra sure with a Wigan shot. Taking the p**s, taking the points.

10 things-min.jpg

World Cup Winner, Future Geography Teacher – Adil Rami on his awkward World Cup moment: "After the World Cup Final, the President of Croatia looked at me and said 'nice moustache'. And I told her, 'I love Mykonos'. I don't know why, I've always confused Greece and Croatia.... Then, Olivier Giroud looks at me and says: 'Are you stupid? Mykonos is Greece."

Have a good 'un...