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Nike Host Phantom Tournament Final In London

Rattling into South London with as much style as there was sunshine, Nike took to Peckham to host the finale of the Phantom Tournament. All boroughs coming together to one clash, it saw all the teams go toe-to-toe in search of a Nike contract. Dropping in under the golden light, big players stepped up to the occasion that was backed by a big beat, Big Zuu and several top flight Premier League players too.

The culmination of a months worth of collaboration, each team was enlisted by Nike thanks to a combination of their style on the pitch and their influence on the local community. Not simply personalities in a borough, each captain is someone who actively gives back through coaching or mentoring so it was the final of a tournament that welcomes people with drive with a platform to achieve. A competitive edge running high, the caged courts, tower block views and tube backdrop made sure the setting was on point for the occasion. East v West v North v South, each quadrant had two teams representing their area in search for the Phantom win.

Nike Phantom Final portrait_0059_EH_SB Nike Phantom_017.jpg
Nike Phantom Final portrait_0049_EH_SB Nike Phantom_076.jpg
Nike Phantom Final portrait_0035_EH_SB Nike Phantom_151.jpg
Nike Phantom Final portrait_0060_EH_SB Nike Phantom_006.jpg
Nike Phantom Final portrait_0056_EH_SB Nike Phantom_034.jpg
Nike Phantom Final portrait_0027_EH_SB Nike Phantom_183.jpg

While the event took place in Peckham, it brought together all four sides of London. Bringing Nike closer to the community and taking a local first approach it meant they have made heroes out of the hard working men and women on the street. Not simply going big on those heavyweight names from the topflight, it's about the ground upwards for this street solid collaboration. Providing a pathway is one way to look at it and with Fulham's Ryan Sessegnon and Tom Cairney on site with Spurs' Josh Onamah, it was also a meeting of mind for those Phantom players whether professional or not. Meanwhile, music added into the equation, Big Zuu was on MC duties throughout the night and local talent was brought in to share the spotlight too with unsigned artists getting a spot on the stage too.

Nike Phantom Final portrait_0024_EH_SB Nike Phantom_195.jpg
Nike Phantom Final portrait_0022_EH_SB Nike Phantom_199.jpg
Nike Phantom Final portrait_0046_EH_SB Nike Phantom_096.jpg
Nike Phantom Final portrait_0037_EH_SB Nike Phantom_141.jpg
Nike Phantom Final portrait_0008_EH_SB Nike Phantom_240.jpg
Nike Phantom Final portrait_0006_EH_SB Nike Phantom_244.jpg

So who won? Well home advantage or not, South London is famed for bringing elite athletes through and staying true to form, it was the South of London sides that took home the spoils. It must be said though, the narrow margins were evident and it took those Phantom personified levels of creativity to make the subtle differences. A golden light bringing down the curtain on the inaugural Phantom tournament, let's hope for more local heroes and another instalment soon.

Photography by Edd Horder for SoccerBible


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