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Nike Phantom London Borough Clashes - West

Giving the chance for players in their respective boroughs the opportunity to earn a Nike deal, the brand headed to West London for the first of the Borough Clashes. A chance for the Phantom players to show what they're about, it's the start of what could be a big swoosh journey.

Turning up with the boot truck, it gives young local London players deemed "Phantom" a chance to suit up and turn the style on. This initiative of Nike looks to enable those players with presence, who can create something out of nothing and who represent a good vibe in their respective local communities. West London was the first destination and with the Phantom captains each assembling their squads, it gave them a chance to get competitive ahead of the grand final in Peckham on 2nd August.

Phantom Tournament Nike West portraits_0027_IMG_0021-2.jpg
Phantom Tournament Nike West portraits_0021_IMG_0123.jpg
Phantom Tournament Nike West_0033_IMG_0003 2.jpg
Phantom Tournament Nike West portraits_0019_IMG_0192-2.jpg
Phantom Tournament Nike West portraits_0013_IMG_0300.jpg

This project not only embraces inner city football but it looks for the places the new era of player is cutting their teeth. It keeps football real and these borough clashes come with no sparkle of magic dust - each player has been given the opportunity to earn a deal with Nike that will see them involved in advertising campaigns and rewarded with discounts for people in that area. They are representing their part of London while having been given a voice, it's a chance to make a name for themselves through Nike football.

You can see what went down when these players first met at NikeTown here. Stay close for more updates as this tournament develops.

Want in with Nike Phantom? Step on in and suit up here.

Photography by Reuben Selby for SoccerBible.


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