Taking to London for a fortnight of match ups, Nike have assembled a team of playmakers from each corner of the city and given them a chance to make a name for themselves. Calling on "Phantoms", it's a series of games that taps into that creative mind of players who style the game well.

Kicking off with a custom jersey workshop, two players from each quadrant of London were handpicked and invited by Nike to the flagship store in the city as the brand gears up for their "Phantom" tournament. The players, all of which stand strong in doing good work in supporting their local communities, were tasked with creating a teams from their areas who would then go toe-to-toe in search of a bespoke Nike deal. 

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The tournament, which is happening all this week will see each local side face off against one another. Each squad will then descend on a finale in Peckham on the 2nd August. Not simply a cage tournament, the set up means that as a representative for the brand in their boroughs, each player could make use of Nike product and every team has had custom artwork created that will go across their kits. No rules on the placement, as many custom elements as they want, it's a free-flowing opportunity that looks to empower local talent.

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The aspiration is to championing young athletes, creatives and Londoners, as well as showcasing different boroughs throughout the capital. In turn, it gives each team a chance to showcase the football culture and style that makes that area of the city unique. The Borough clashes are a chance for the teams to build their name while the final next week will see the winning team will be given a year-long Phantom deal with Nike which includes an advertising campaign in their area as well as discount codes for young people from the borough they represent.

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Putting depth into the detail, the captains of each team have been identified by Nike as people who embody the “Phantom Style” on and off the pitch and what's more, each one is active in their local scene with most offering coaching to other young people in that borough. This kick off event saw the captains meet, design their garms, share their bespoke logos and begin a fresh swoosh journey. Watch this space as we document the borough clashes and the grand final over the next fortnight.

On board with the Phantom? Lock it down and suit up here.

Photography by Matt Gordon for SoccerBible