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Nike Phantom London Borough Clashes - North

Stepping up to represent North London, the Nike Phantom Borough Clashes headed upwards and into Tottenham as this showing of creative football culture made its way around the capital. Giving those "Phantom" players a chance to bed into the latest boots, it was a freestyle offering with all eyes on the final this week.

Picking out individuals from the various quadrants of London, the Phantom Borough Clashes have been giving said players a chance to bring their community together, sample a slice of the swoosh life and ultimately play out for the chance to earn a Nike deal. While the final is set to take place in Peckham this Thursday, each of these local clashes meant the players could get a feel for the latest boot innovation from Nike whilst gelling with their teams who will fight it out on the pitch come Thursday.

phantom north nike borough clashes_0023_Phantom-5.jpg
phantom north nike borough clashes_0019_Phantom-19.jpg
Borough Clashes Phantom Nike North_0025_Phantom-37.jpg
phantom north nike borough clashes_0014_Phantom-47.jpg
phantom north nike borough clashes_0005_Phantom-66.jpg
phantom north nike borough clashes_0004_Phantom-67.jpg
phantom north nike borough clashes_0000_Phantom-78.jpg
Borough Clashes Phantom Nike North_0017_Phantom-49.jpg
phantom north nike borough clashes_0008_Phantom-58.jpg
phantom north nike borough clashes_0012_Phantom-50.jpg

Two captains were selected and sought out by Nike from each district. The players are known for putting something back into their community and many of them already coach fellow young people in their respective areas. The two captains were then given the task of assembling a squad each, both teams will both go into the games on Thursday with a chance to win a boot deal as well as rewards for all those players in the local area. Eight teams involved in total, this initial Borough Clash gave a competitive edge and trial run ahead of the showdown later in the week.

Looking strong with Northern pride heading to Southern surroundings on Thursday, watch this space as we continue to document this small sided evolution.

Photography by Kieran Clarke for SoccerBible.


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