Around the world the return of the football season is creating a swell. Making moves in Melbourne with a Phantom edge, Nike have brought a series of events to their pop up space and it's from a small sided tournament through to Melbourne City kit launch that this place has come into its own.

Melbourne is a city rich in creative culture so it's only right that things are done with a touch of bespoke flavour out there. Staying true to form and piercing the football zeitgeist, Nike have put a stamp on proceedings that plays into the 'Phantom' mindset. It's all about this type of player that breaks the mould and tears up convention - so it's only right that the brand set up a five story pyramid to party the only way Nike can - a showdown where style meets substance and football meets a lifestyle. An ideal location to launch the 2018/19 Melbourne City kits.

Nike Melbourne Phantom Pyramid Launch_0000_NIKEPHANTOMAUG10-MCFC-337.jpg
Nike Melbourne Phantom Pyramid Launch_0002_NIKEPHANTOMAUG10-MCFC-376.jpg

The Nike Phantom boot has brought a fresh injection of creativity into the Nike line of boots. The silhouette is all about changing perceptions through an unpredictable style of play and this event space has also given local players the chance to state their name and claim their city. The kit launch was also a chance to host the final of the Melbourne Phantom tournament.

Nike Melbourne Phantom Pyramid Launch_0027_NIKEPHANTOMAUG10-MCFC-2944.jpg
Nike Melbourne Phantom Pyramid Launch_0023_untitled-24.jpg
Nike Melbourne Phantom Pyramid Launch_0007_untitled-15.jpg
Nike Melbourne Phantom Pyramid Launch_0008_untitled-16.jpg
Nike Melbourne Phantom Pyramid Launch_0022_NIKEPHANTOMAUG10-MCFC-2365.jpg

Players and fans alike took to the Phantom Pyramid for this kit launch once more blurring the lines and bringing supporters closer to their squad and also took the game out of conventional spaces. Naturally the new jerseys were well worn with Nike Sportswear pieces and that lifestyle / performance crossover was delivered seamlessly as all three kits look strong as a fashion piece just as much as traditional on pitch attire.

The big show in a big city with solid swoosh vibes. You can't help but get into the way Melbourne City FC cut their kits.