While buzz words about the fashion of football may fly around, the evidence as to how one game has embraced another is there to see. As Nike brought their Phantom Tournament final to South London, the people of Peckham and from all over showed the genuine crossover where style and the sport mix. Picking out some of the strongest looks, enjoy a rundown from sneakers to sandals that had swoosh dreams all over.

Largely, the much talked about football / fashion crossover has eluded to the fact that football shirts have popped up in unsuspecting places. This may well be the case and of course, it's something we're very much into, but it should also be recognised that this crossover doesn't always have to be so obvious. The Nike Phantom boot is said to usher in a new era for the creative player, one who does it on the pitch as much as off it. With that in mind and taking the time to represent those who construct a good look, pick out those perfect matching pieces and still enjoy the big time football party, here's just a handful that stopped into Peckham as Nike packed the house with a Phantom Edge. 

Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0017_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8333.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0016_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8341.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0001_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8434.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0000_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8436.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0012_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8375.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0013_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8372.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0009_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8387.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0008_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8400.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0010_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8383.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0005_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8416.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0006_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8412.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0007_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8410.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0014_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8348.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0015_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8346.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0004_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8420.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0011_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8381.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0002_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8428.jpg
Nike Strong Looks Peckham_0003_NikePhantomPeckham2018_Gili_8425.jpg

Well worn as we head into the weekend, the party in Peckham brought out some strong spots. Good germs for a good game - consider it some weekend purchasing inspiration. You can see more of what went down as the teams from the South were crowned champs in our round up here.

Photography by Orlando Gili for SoccerBible.