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Erling Haaland Visits NikeTown London

Nike closed the doors to its NikeTown London store earlier this week to officially welcome Erling Haaland to the brand, following the announcement of their new partnership last week.

Erling Haaland finally ended one of the longest lasting sagas in recent World Football history when he put pen to paper on a new deal with Nike, putting to rest any rumours of a potential deal with the likes of adidas or PUMA. And with the new partnership in place, the Swoosh have been quick to roll out the red carpet for their newest star, bringing him to NikeTown London to officially unveil him in front of a select crowd.

The event saw Haaland arrive at the store to collect his ‘Luminous Pack’ Phantom GX boots, with a Q&A session in front of the crowd, hosted by former Lioness, Alex Scott.

The Man City striker’s new deal is reportedly worth in the region of a staggering £20m a year, rivalling the £23 million a year Neymar is understood to have earned from PUMA and the £18 million a year Messi earned from adidas, as well as eclipsing the £15 million a year Cristiano Ronaldo was paid by Nike.

It’s understood the contract will last more than a decade and was signed so Haaland could emulate his hero Ronaldo as the "new face of No9”. For this, Nike have created the tag “FORCE 9”, playing on the description of him as a force of nature, with the “E” given added prominence to create E9, a move that puts him firmly in position to succeed R9, who retired back in 2011. “His record-breaking scoring has put a stamp on the future of the game, and makes him the heir to number 9 — the next-generation striker,” read the Nike statement on his signing.

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It’s been reported that Haaland had been keen to discuss how a footballer can explore his image rather than simply go to the highest bidder and this has huge factor in his decision. Nike are claiming an innovative approach, and it looks like it could well be centred around his commitment to holistic fitness — honoured in his famed celebrations. "Haaland’s commitment to holistic fitness and mental health contribute to his success, boosting his strengths on pitch: goal-scoring instinct, power, positioning, pace and precision."

The collaboration promises more “creative” experiences, with Haaland understood to be excited by Nike’s plans for him. While we fully expect to see some signature boots in the not-too-distant future, this partnership could well head off into some very interesting spaces.

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Erling Haaland wears the Nike Phantom GX, which you can pick up at

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