Calling on heavyweight names to inspire young Phantom players, Nike moved into Berlin to break new waves with their latest boot. Ronaldinho and Kevin Prince-Boating both were on hand as Nike look to ignite the scene with a flavour of Phantom VSN.

Ronaldinho & Kevin Prince-Boateng took to a local Berlin stomping ground to embrace the small sided game and meet a group of next generation players. Their presence alone is something that can carry a big affect, but it's the legacy they leave that Nike are looking to bring with the backing of their Phantom boot.

Looking to tear up conventional play and inviting a creative side of energy, the boot is about letting the imagination run wild. It's only right with that in mind that someone like Ronaldinho is held up as the godfather of the movement. You only have to watch the Nike PhantomVSN short film that was released last week to get a flavour for that.

nike phantom berlin_0010_8V5A7787.jpg
nike phantom berlin_0008_8V5A8244.jpg
nike phantom berlin_0005_8V5A8762.jpg
nike phantom berlin_0011_8V5A7710.jpg

From the street game into concrete courts, the pair then took to inner city Berlin where assembled teams were going the distance in a PhantomVSN tournament in a bid to stake their claim on the territory. Following on from tournaments in London and Melbourne, the brand are bringing their city attack to all sides of the globe and making an impact while they're at it.

nike phantom berlin_0015_8V5A8637.jpg
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nike phantom berlin_0003_8V5A9594.jpg
nike phantom berlin_0010_IMG_4745.jpg
nike phantom berlin_0002_8V5A9665.jpg
nike phantom berlin_0001_8V5A9715.jpg
nike phantom berlin_0006_IMG_5149.jpg

Phantom play delivered by titans. The Nike Phantom boot has already dropped in several colourways and only looking increasingly epic as the new season drops in, Nike have definitely got 2018/19 off to a wild start. We're into it.

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