A diverse measure of delightful football, Romance FC headed to Shoreditch last Saturday to hold the second annual 'Playing for Kicks' tournament.

A day of grass rooted football that saw 12 respected and creative teams come together from London, Essex and Paris it was a tournament backed by big tunes and a strong sentiment. The mission was simple, but of serious scale. A creative community looking to produce an event that helps shift the way Women's football is scene, it's one to get right behind as we live what went down.

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With a decent ensemble of elite style this collective of cultural players stretched from Hackney Laces through to Wonderkid FC while from Paris, with all out wavy attire, cacahuetessluts brought a party of their very own. Hosted by Romance FC, formerly Boiler Room Ladies, this is a tournament that paves a solid way to do it all over again. Backed and supported by @kickitout@the_fsf and @adidasuk it's the start of a movement in bringing the Female game to fresh places, we're into it. You can see more of what went on, here.

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Photography by Flora Maclean