This summer’s showpiece will see the women’s game taking centre stage, but ahead of the World Cup in France, London-based football collective Romance FC presented their own early summer celebration of womxn’s football, with a tournament known as Spring Kicks.

This year’s Spring Kicks was Romance FC’s biggest since the tournament’s inception in 2016. Organised as something of a curtain raiser to support the World Cup, Spring Kicks showcased and promoted the many faces of the womxn’s grassroots game through a feminist, inclusive celebration of football. 

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With the huge increase in the number of womxn’s teams throughout the UK and Europe, this year’s tournament was always destined to be big, and the inclusion of Lucozade and Beats by Dre as sponsors just added to its scale. 28 teams of mixed ability competing for fun and a bit of glory, Spring Kicks provides the perfect platform for individuals to express themselves through the medium of sport, free of prejudice or judgement. With more junior teams competing than ever-before, there was also the added feeling of what the future of the women’s game has in store, and it all points towards exciting times.

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