With all kinds of good energy descending on London, Romance FC hosted their annual 'Playing for Kicks' tournament in Dalston recently as they continue their mission to break down barriers and make football accessible for all.

From the good people at Football Beyond Borders to Wonderkid FC, an ensemble of teams took to Dalston for 'Playing for Kicks' 2018 - a tournament that is moving London football in the right direction. It's a tournament that stands out for all the right reasons as like minded players gather together, go toe-to-toe then celebrate as a collective once the final whistle blows. For Romance FC, it's another chance raise the profile of the female game in London and can only do wonders when it comes to encouraging others to join the party.

playing for kicks portrait_0003_DSCF1664PlayingforKicks220918JDS.jpg
playing for kicks portrait_0000_DSCF9980PlayingforKicks220918JDS.jpg
Playing For Kicks 2018_0101_DSCF0210PlayingforKicks220918JDS.jpg

The tournament was brought together with UEFA backed movement 'weplaystrong'. Looking to empower more people to get involved with the grassroots game, it sets all the right markers when it comes to giving all people a sense of belonging in football. For Romance FC, they're continuing to make waves in the wake of their Boiler Room Ladies re-brand, continuously bringing new creative elements into the mix with bold kits and striking style. It's everything you want local city football to be.

Playing For Kicks 2018_0053_DSCF1511PlayingforKicks220918JDS.jpg
Playing For Kicks 2018_0055_DSCF1392PlayingforKicks220918JDS.jpg
Playing For Kicks 2018_0030_DSCF1978PlayingforKicks220918JDS.jpg
Playing For Kicks 2018_0029_DSCF2090PlayingforKicks220918JDS.jpg
Playing For Kicks 2018_0021_DSCF2412PlayingforKicks220918JDS.jpg

Final results from the tournament were as follows:

Trophy Winners -  Football Beyond Borders

Trophy runners Up - Cacahuètes sluts

Plate Winners - Wonderkid FC

Player Of The Tournament - Ceylon Hickman of Football beyond Borders

Junior Winners - Highbury Wolves Girls FC

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Photography by Jade Smith for SoccerBible.