As the adidas skateboarding team takes in the globe in support of the AWAY DAYS film, London was one of the latest destinations to take in a party that brings together an all over cultured force of concrete cool. We swapped studs for skate with retro football shirts the common denominator to take in this well worn feast of creative inspiration.

A little wordy that may be but taking seats in support of this well delivered and on point film, the three stripes are continuously looking good. Fresh from another collaboration with PALACE too, it's a place to take in style as much as cinematic goodness.

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The Skate Copa collection still looking strong while other colabs with the likes of Welcome Skateboards on show, it's a collaborative culture of new creative ventures. It's another event that underpins what puts that trefoil right up there with the winning places.

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The film travels on all over the globe whilst taking flight on home soil, there's always space for a new pair of Gazelle's. Get 'em in gum though, yeah?

Photography by Sumeet Sharma for SoccerBible.