Hitting up Oxford Street in central London, a double decker bus delivered both Dele Alli and Paul Pogba to adidas' UK flagship store last night as the brand launched the Predator 18+ along with the complete Skystalker pack.

The adidas Oxford Street store was transformed last night as the Predator party landed with a serious makeover. With the adidas Predator 18+ taking centre stage, it's a re-introduction of arguably the most iconic football boot of all time so it's right it gets top flight treatment. Holding no punches, both Paul Pogba and Dele Alli were in the middle of the action as headline heroes for the boot.

predator launch london_0016__MG_4159.jpg
predator launch london_0013__MG_4176.jpg
predator launch london_0011__MG_4200.jpg
predator launch london_0010__MG_4201.jpg
predator launch london_0008__MG_4246.jpg
predator launch london_0004__MG_4327.jpg
predator launch london_0029__MG_4036.jpg

A series of challenges were on hand for all those invited. From wear tests to big beats, this was an adidas party with plenty of measure as they look to "master the game". Through the Predator, few boots can personify a mood and ignite the imagination on such a level. Big scenes with the Predator inscribed all over.

predator launch london portrait_0013__MG_4062.jpg
predator launch london portrait_0008__MG_4214.jpg
predator launch london portrait_0009__MG_4192.jpg
predator launch london portrait_0007__MG_4232.jpg
predator launch london portrait_0015__MG_4044.jpg
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predator launch london portrait_0003__MG_4326.jpg
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predator launch london portrait_0000__MG_4358.jpg

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Photography by Lewis Darling for SoccerBible