There's no rest for those that waltz the game with Tango moves. A fresh event that puts the best street ballers on the pitch to play out for a chance to be crowned serious three-striped champs, adidas took to underground London to present the 'Nemeziz Uprising' event last night.

A new format and one night tournament that shakes fresh style into the adidas Tango League set up, this event saw London's finest fight their way for an exclusive opportunity to travel to Real Madrid and go behind the scenes at the biggest club on the planet. Unlike previous adidas Tango League tournaments, this was not a phase of weekly battles. Instead it was sorted there and then on the night. It started in group stages before moving into the quarter finals and semi finals, all before a grand finale showdown.


The football was fast and bruising and with such a lucrative prize on the line you can understand why. The set up of each game was smart too, taking the players out of any comfort zone. Each team would start the game with one player on the pitch and over time more players were introduced. It added some serious fight as well as footwork until both teams had their full sides on the pitch.

These days though, an adidas party is always served with elite dosage and these London vibes didn't break the mould. In fine fashion, they brought new players to a big night as halfway through the festivities, West Ham United's latest recruit, Javier 'Chicarito' Hernandez was brought onto to the pitch. Flipping the tables, fans lined the perimeter of the pitch and stepped into the spotlight to show what they can do. Also adding to the showdown, the F2 hosted a series of freestyle challenges and with Hernandez looking on, the pressure was there. Those that owned the moment earned a fresh pair of adidas NEMEZIZ Ocean Storm boots.


Once those watching on we're given their slice of the action, play resumed and the final of the tournament kicked off with big moves. K5s up against Baiteze Squad - two teams all to familiar with what it means to be in the final. Both sides have battled it out against one another in recent Tango tournaments, not to mention the London final earlier in the year where K5s won a dream trip to LA to fly on the shoulder with Manchester United. Naturally, Baiteze Squad we're hungry to turn the tables and doing so early on they grabbed vital goals. One by one more players were added but the margin stayed strong and K5s couldn't dismantle the opposition. Baiteze Squad finished up winners with a 3-1 win.


From here it went off a celebrations were bossed. The yellow shirts of Baiteze Squad added serious colour as they picked up their prize, presented by 'Chicarito' himself. Now to get strapped in for a trip to Madrid, Baiteze Squad have picked up an opportunity no cash flow can deliver. If ever there was a sign that the party doesn't stop at the pitch, it was the introduction of Grime star Mist who took it to the next level and closed the show.