Dropping nine of their international away shirts in one style-heavy load, adidas have been flexing their 2018 World Cup muscles today. Colombia complete the collection of away strips with a smart blue offering boasting graphic game.

Colombia’s striking blue away jersey features a bold graphic inspired by traditional scarf patterns worn by Colombians for special occasions. It includes bright orange accents in the form of the three stripes, adidas logo and trimming on the collar. The finishing details see a sign-off on the collar with the team’s slogan, "Unidos Por Un Pais" - translating to "United as one Nation."


The Three Stripes have leaned on a lifestyle vibe for their 2018 World Cup replica collections, with each respective nation has received some retro flavour of iconic past shirts, mixed with the latest adidas innovations. Safe to say they've nailed it. As for Colombia, they'll be sporting their new home and away shirts for the first time when they take on France on March 23, and Australia four days later.


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