An event dedicated to dancing between the lines of design, football and fashion, the Old Truman Brewery opened its doors last night to host a curated exhibition between Neal Heard and Jacket Required. From street stripes to tiger shapes, there's a fresh style for the game on show in London for a limited time.

The art of curation is fundamentally, that - an art form. Bringing together a collection of shirts in excess of 150, 'The Art of the Football Shirt' exhibition offers a piece of story telling as much as it does celebrate iconic shirts. Exploring themes such as politics, music, art and design, various shirts act as guides through a maze of wonder that will serve as serious inspiration for the next generation of creative that enters to the football world. Looking to step outside the conventional realm of football too, this exhibition is about mixing fashion and art with all elements of the game, ultimately leading to new, unchartered ground.

A line up that proves to very much play out as a party of patterns, this collection also weaves through generations and is accessible as they come. It's not solely about the memories attached to the football shirt but it also stands tall as the fashion world starts to adopt this threaded souvenir as one of its own.

Last night saw the launch of this event that runs for just two days: today and tomorrow (26th and 27th July) and runs out of the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. Get in while you can, show your support and enjoy a feast on the eye as well as the mind - you won't be disappointed.

The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL
26th July - 10am-7pm
27th July - 10am - 5pm

Photography by Dave Imms for SoccerBible