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Umbro Release Retro 77/78 Shrewsbury Town Shirt

Rolling the clock back to the glorious 70s, Umbro have unveiled a retro shirt for Shrewsbury Town, recreating the club’s kit from the 1977/78 season – the last before they first introduced stripes into their identity.

The retro revival does not show any sign of letting up, but while certain brands have capitalised on the demand by recreating the look of iconic shirts for some of the biggest clubs and countries in the world, Umbro has gone against the grain and instead turned its attention to the lower leagues of English football. Raiding its extensive archives, the brand has dished out the nostalgia-driven treatment to Shrewsbury Town. 

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Currently 17th in League One at the time of writing – the third tier of English football – Shrewsbury Town have never graced the heights of the Premier League. No, in all honesty, despite claiming victories over the likes of Chelsea, Newcastle United, West Ham Unite and Blackburn Rovers in what was the old League One, this is a club that is more associated with the lower leagues in recent years. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve some of the retro releases enjoyed by the giant clubs across the land, and Umbro recognise this with the recreation and release of the timeless 77/78 shirt.

The 100 percent cotton shirt features the Double Diamonds running across the top of both shoulders and down both sleeves to the amber cuffs. It also features an amber collar and the club crest, stitched adjacent to a stitched Umbro logo.

Is this something that we could see rolled out for other lower league sides? Lets hope so.

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Pick up the Shrewsbury Town 77/78 Retro Shirt at

Daniel Jones

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