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Socceroos Continue To Celebrate Centenary With New Retro Collection

In 1922 the Australian men’s national team took to the field for the first time ever, and now, 100 years on, the nation is celebrating their centenary. As part of those celebrations, a special retro collection has been released, and it features some of the Socceroos’ most iconic shirts.

100 years of existence is definitely an occasion to celebrate, and Australia is certainly a nation that knows how to celebrate in style. On the back of a special centenary jersey – which sold out within hours – the Socceroos have now unveiled a limited edition Retro Collection, which features some of the side’s most iconic shirt designs from the past, including the infamous “spew” jersey from 1990. The perfect timeless options ahead of the World Cup later this year.

socceroos 2-min.jpg
socceroos 6-min.jpg

Alongside the “spew” jersey is the 1980 home shirt, which is the only option to arrive in long sleeves, the 1982 away shirt (minus Three Stripe branding for what is actually quite a clean look), what is listed as the 1984 home shirt (although we’d argue that it’s actually the ’82 home, again minus the Three Stripe branding), and 1993 home shirt, which features a not-so-subtle tweak to the Three Stripe branding that dominated the design in its sash execution. The collection is then rounded out by shorts from 1980 and 1990, just in case you wanted to go for that full-kit look that we all admire so much.

socceroos 3-min.jpg
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