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The Rise Of The Score Draw Retro Replica Shirt

The thirst for retro shirts does not show any sign of being quenched anytime soon, with the appeal centring around some outstanding designs from yesteryear, along with their naturally timeless nature. And capitalising on this demand is Score Draw, whose faithful recreations are being widely embraced.

If you want to pick up a new football shirt these day you’re looking at a cool £70 to £100. Not the type of attire that you want Dave to chuck his pint all over when you’re both jumping up and down in the pub celebrating your team’s latest goal. Couple that with the fact that it will be out of date come the beginning of the next season, and you can start to see why some people are looking at alternatives. So what are these alternatives? While the rise of the prematch shirt has offered one lower priced option, with some wild designs that you’re unlikely to ever see on pitch, the retro route provides another choice, one that instantly removes the time factor of a good design. But unless you’ve got a secret stash of vintage shirts stuffed in the bottom of your wardrobe, you may still have to part with a fairly significant amount of cash to acquire an authentic version.

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Then we’re back to Dave and his flying pint again. Do you really want the best part of a pint of lager all over your original 1996 England shirt? Probably not. Yep, any authentic shirts are more likely to remain safely tucked away in a collection. So where does that leave you? It leaves you in the hands of Score Draw, a company that has carved a reputation in the niche world of recreated replica.

When Score Draw first emerged on the scene there were a fair few eyebrows raised; here were iconic shirts being produced but without the all-important official manufacturers branding… it felt like a huge part of the shirts identity was missing, often leading to them being branded as ‘fakes’. But throughout the last decade, Score Draw have worked tirelessly to establish themselves as the leading supplier of official retro football shirts in the World, producing shirts that are licensed and endorsed by over 40 football clubs and national associations accommodating over 600 styles from over five decades. Doesn’t get much more genuine than that. In so doing, they have shaken off the shackles of being ‘fake’ or 'not genuine' to instead become an accepted tribute to their originators and embraced as one of the go to items for showing off support. 

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The recent England 1990 Heritage Collection was endorsed by the FA, banishing any previous misconceptions and lending the brand a level of credibility that few could match. So they don’t have an Umbro sign? Well they’ve got Three Lions proudly displayed on designs that have been meticulously researched and made to faithfully represent the original, and that is certainly proving to be enough for the majority of fans. Now, with the aforementioned backing of the FA, they’ve also been able to branch out from faithful replica to something a little more experimental with the mash up shirt from that England collection, and the 1990 Blackout Shirt, both of which have been very well received.

The popularity of Score Draw shirts has increased to the point where they are now outselling officially branded merchandise. For Euro 2020 for example, Score Draw England shirts have been outselling the official Nike collection at leading retailers – an endorsement of their acceptance if ever there was one. Coming in at over half the price of the stadium model of shirts and around a third of the price of the elite version, and bringing with them all the memories and nostalgia of a previous generation, it's not really a wonder why this range is rapidly rising in popularity.

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