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Cape Town City FC 2018 Home Kit by Umbro

One of South Africa's newest professional teams, Cape Town City FC have released their new Umbro kit for the forthcoming season. Going for a minimalist look with a popping finishing it's as bright as it is contemporary though with retro tones, it's a sharp start to a fresh campaign.

Umbro have locked off a strong look thanks to the subtle way they are incorporating their double diamonds into their 2018 kits. With Cape Town City FC there's a blank canvas to work with and thanks to an obvious appreciation for design, this kit was always going to be a peach. The club have branded themselves for a new audience hungry for football and while the established city dwellers of Ajax Cape Town have an established presence, this fresh club are going above that of any noisey neighbour and only pumping out good energy.

cape town city fc_0000_Layer 4.jpg
cape town city fc_0001_Layer 3.jpg
cape town city fc_0003_Layer 1.jpg
cape town city fc_0002_Layer 2.jpg

Cape Town City FC was reformed in 2016 in the wake of the demise of MP Black Aces. Restoring the name and reworking the brand, the club now find themselves owning a spot in the South African Premier Soccer League. The countries top flight, they're a welcome addition who are clearly dressed for the occasion. Making waves from the coast and heading in, the club are establishing a name for themselves for creating bespoke content. Films like the one below bring a fresh approach to the game that lands with a stylised finish.

You can see more about Cape Town City FC here.


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