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Retro Kits By Elliott Wilcox

The love of the retro kit is something that will forever mature. As one year ticks on, that shirt that was just a little too noughties for nineties cool becomes slightly more appealing. With that in mind, photographer Elliott Wilcox took some time out with these re-issued retro numbers.

Shooting kits from years gone by is naturally something we have a hell of a lot of time for. The work of Neil Bedford in capturing the glory of a kit from years gone by is a front runner when it comes to setting the bar. On form though, Elliott has grabbed the raw beauty of a 90s print and stamped his own mark.

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Remember that Cantona kung-fu kit, or the round necked peach that Arsenal put out in the early `90s? They're both nicely included in this collection. These re-issues may not have the worn in way of the ruffled authentic numbers, but they make a strong substitute if you're not happy to monitor eBay on an hourly bases. Authenticity is important and appreciation is widespread and this work most definitely gets a dose of the latter from us.

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You can pick up a retro inspired England number from here.


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