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Art Of Football Release New & Reworked Euros Collection

Domestic football is concluding, lockdowns are lifting, pubs are opening, friends are gathering, summer is coming. Ready for the second crack at Euro 2020, Art of Football are back with a vast collection brand new designs and up-cycled garments for fans of England, Wales and Scotland, as well as every other nation competing in this Summer’s tournament.

Gearing you up to take the summer by storm in style, [AOF] are taking aim at the international scene, following up their ‘Electronics’ capsule with a new collection that’s fit for the Euros and beyond. On top of brand new designs for home nations, England, Scotland and Wales, as well as a little something for every competing nation, they’re also dropping their largest ever collection of up-cycled garments, including reworked (reversible) bucket hats, classic training apparel and authentic vintage shirts. 

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Starting with England, and while the nation has been patiently waiting for football to come home, the last few decades has provided plenty of iconic moments, from Beckham’s deadly deliveries to Sven unleashing a young Wayne Rooney in ’04. Then there’s Crouchy pulling the robot against the Reggae Boyz in ’06, Trippier’s free kick more recently in 2018, and, with the mother of all rematches on the horizon, who could forget Gazza’s dentist chair magic against the Scots in ’96. All of these moments have been immortalised as part of the [AOF] Euro’s collection.

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To celebrate Scotland’s Euro 2020 adventure, there are four brand new Scotland designs. ’Tartan Army ‘98’ and ‘Tartan Invasion’ pay homage to the fans that made football fall in love with Scotland, as they danced below the Eiffel Tower and draped Scottish flags across the streets of France. ‘I Can Boogie’ has become synonymous with Scottish footballing success and finally there’s the ‘pride of Scotland’, Billy Connolly with the iconic 95/96 shirt. 

Wales again get four brand new designs in advance of their’ Euro’s adventure. ‘Eiffel Dragon’ pays homage to the 2016 squad that shocked the international stage by reaching the semi-finals of the tournament. The Welsh takeover of Paris. ‘Dragon Bale Z’ is a nod to the Welsh GOAT, Sir Gareth and the Wales edition of [AOF]’s recent Haring inspired pieces, ‘Don’t Take Me Home’, is available on tees/sweats as well as an exclusive run of embroidered caps.

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The full AOF Euros collection is available at

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