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Art Of Football Present The 'Electronics' Capsule

Inspired by the electric atmosphere on match days, and transferring that inspiration into a shot of pure vintage vibes from the nineties and noughties, Art of Football present the ‘Electronics’ capsule – the first of three major collections to drop from the creatives in 2021.

[AOF] continue to tweak the traditions inherent within football culture, following up their up cycling of the classic match day scarf with the announcement of three major collections that are set to drop throughout 2021. And the first of these to drop is the beautifully vintage ‘Electronics’ capsule, which takes a number of the biggest names in Champions League history, including Mbappé, Haaland, and prince of power Adriano among others, all transformed through the medium of classic computer game stylings.

aof 19-min.jpg
aof 18-min.jpg

Take shiny stickers, international superstars, electric Champions League nights and serial winners and mix over a medium 90s to 00s heat, and what you get is a collection that pays homage to a golden era of football, from the glory days that saw the birth of the Playstation and the subsequent rise of Pro Evo, to the players we witness destroying the world’s greatest club competition today. It’s all there, presented artfully by [AOF]. Lap it up while it lasts, because this will once again be a limited run.

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The “Electronics” collection is set to launch on 18 March and will be available from

Daniel Jones

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