Football culture collective Art Of Football [AOF] are back in the up cycling game, creating a range of unique patchwork trousers, each cut and sewn from three different sportswear jackets from adidas, Nike, PUMA and Reebok.

Fresh from the pure vintage vibes of the their ‘Electronics’ capsule, which transformed a number of the biggest names in Champions League history through the medium of classic computer game stylings, Art of Football return to the arena of reinvention for a collection of patchwork trousers, each individually created from three different sportswear jackets.

aof 3-min.jpg
aof 2-min.jpg

No strangers to the world of upcycling having beautifully created a collection of sweaters from vintage team scarves at the end of last year, [AOF] are back in the rework game, breathing new life into garments and giving some classic shapes and colours a second lease of life.

There’s no favouritism here, with the collection taking in sportswear jackets from adidas, Nike, PUMA and Reebok, although there’s no cross pollination here – sticking to one brand per pair throughout. There are only 16 pairs available each, with an additional bucket hat created from the excess material tossed in for good measure. If you need any evidence of how good their bucket hats can be, just look here.

aof 22-min.jpg
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The patchwork trousers collection will be available from 22 April on