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Art Of Football Upcycle Vintage Team Scarves Into Sweaters

For their latest upcycling project, the talented folk at Art of Football have reworked classic football scarves to create a new football winter staple, incorporating them into the design of sweaters.

The humble football scarf is a staple on terraces across the world, outgrowing its use merely as an accessory to keep your neck warm and instead taking on a role as a tangible sign of support. Whether its as the team anthems are being blasted out, or when the control of limbs is lost following a goal, the scarves are held aloft, waves in a sea of celebration and shared joy. And they’ve now been given a new lease of life by Art of Football, who’ve taken a selection of classic team scarves from across the globe and reworked them into sweats to create your football winter staple.

aof 19-min.jpg
aof 17-min.jpg

The collection, inlaid upon either a black or grey canvas, takes vintage football scarves from teams across the globe, including Liverpool, Arsenal, PSG, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Roma, Inter, Milan, Fiorentina, Boca Juniors, Dortmund, as well as International setups such as Italy and France. It’s a fresh take on a trusted tradition within the game, and dropping just in time not only for Christmas, but also for the long-awaited return to football stadiums, just where these belters belong.

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