Recycled and restyled, Arsenal have teamed up with Art of Football [AoF] for the limited edition Reworked Collection, taking iconic pieces from the Gunners’ back catalogue and applying the creative studio’s signature handmade style.

Art of Football have marked themselves out as one of the leaders in the upcycling market, taking garments – particularly football shirts – that may have seen better days and recreating them as something new, granting them a new lease of life. And they’ve clearly caught the eye of Arsenal, who’ve now brought them on board to create a special limited edition 'Reworked Collection', for which each piece has been individually cut and sewn, making it completely unique and one of a kind.

[AoF] have previous with Arsenal, having reworked the 19/20 away jersey for Notting Hill Carnival back in 2019, as well as including some cult classic Gunners shirts in some of their Bucket Hat collections. Now this latest collection follows on from that, as a collection that is available exclusively through Arsenal’s channels. The collection features upcycled bucket hats, bumbags and crossbodies, sustainably made from unsold Arsenal shirts from previous seasons.

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