The latest in sustainable creations to come for the Art of Football [AoF] workshop arrives in the form of a collection of Italian reworked scarf gilets, taking the best neck attire that Serie A has to offer, and transforming them into gilets – Bellissimo!

The creative crew at [AoF] have built up a reputation for producing some of the most stylish off-pitch garments in the game, all with rich narratives to support their existence. Often, this comes in the form of up cycling – reworking vintage pieces into something new so that they may enjoy a fresh lease of life. And the latest product to come out of this genius mind space is a collection of Italian scarves, featuring the likes of AC and Inter Milan, Juventus, Roma, Lazio Fiorentina and many more, reborn as gilets.

aof 6-min.jpg
aof 9-min.jpg

The collection offers buyers the chance to order the scarf/team of their choice, then after purchase you get a quick tinkle from the [AoF] seamstress team to get your measurements to make the gilet exactly to your size, and all for only £80. Bespoke, tailored, reworked, upcycled, sustainable, but above all else, stylish. All for this, and hope to see it expanded out to take in other leagues in the not too distant future, especially given that this collection has already sold out. Snooze you lose and all that…

aof 2-min.jpg
aof 8-min.jpg
aof 4-min.jpg
aof 3-min.jpg
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aof 7-min.jpg

As we said, the [AoF] Italian reworked scarf gilets have already sold out, but keep your eyes on their site for news of a restock and for future projects.