A woven trip that brings back a golden age of football nostalgia, Own Fan Club have released their 'Ceefax Collection' which reworks emotion unlocking graphics into apparel form. Scarfs matched with shirts and no waiting time needed. Welcome to a contemporary lookback at an institution that still manages to personify a generation.

For many, Ceefax was a service that went hand in hand with football, whether it was waiting for the scores to drop in or the latest transfer news to be confirmed. Before the internet took hold it was a hotbed of square graphics that served as a bible of information. For Own Fan Club, it gives them an opportunity to put a contemporary twist on a form of '90s gold. Regardless of whether you were loyal to teletext or lucky enough to get lost in 'beehive bedlam', Ceefax and football are classic commodities from a different time.

Own Fan Club Present 'Ceefax Collection'_0002__BEL2976.jpg
Own Fan Club Present 'Ceefax Collection'_0004__BEL2877.jpg
Own Fan Club Present 'Ceefax Collection'_0007__BEL2858.jpg
Own Fan Club Present 'Ceefax Collection'_0005__BEL2874.jpg
Own Fan Club Present 'Ceefax Collection'_0001__BEL3025.jpg

While football may be on a conveyer belt of new technology, Ceefax will always remain a symbol of raw and real sentiments. It was a gateway to the fixture lists and a sanctuary for the scoreline. This collection celebrates a moment in time that you simply had to experience.

Punch in your digits and pick up your pieces here.