Back in the game with a bang, Barca-based brand MEYBA launch a new capsule collection that’s got a new focus, drawing on their rich heritage to bring something fresh to the future of football fashion.

The name MEYBA may not be completely unfamiliar to you; a name you’ve heard before but can’t quite remember where from. Well the clue is in the brand’s home city of Barcelona. For it was with FC Barcelona that MEYBA forged their reputation, clothing the Catalonian giants for a decade from 1981, a period in which the club won just about every honour going, with stars such as Maradona, Cruyff, Guardiola, Laudrup, Koeman, Stoichkov all wearing clothing adorned with that unmistakeable Mitica ‘M’ symbol. But then this giant went to sleep, disappearing from public conscience. And now it awakens, with the first move being a retro-infused capsule collection that’s rooted in an iconic past but that looks to the future.

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MEYBA’s Football Lifestyle Collection signals the beginning of something new, both for the brand and for the game. Looking good both on the pitch but on the streets also is the essence of what they are all about, and the collection, captured in a stunning lookbook, shows off that transition from performance to lifestyle, drawing on their footballing heritage through the use of bold shapes and colours to seamlessly link the worlds of football and fashion. In their own words, “You either get it, or you don’t.

The collection itself is comprised of tees, sweaters, drill tops, hoodies and accessories, all with a mix of tie-dye stylings and big branding, with the ‘M’ featuring prominently, as it should on this collection, and in the future of the game. This collection marks the first steps of the re-emergence; Meyba are back – football better watch out.

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Photography by Luc Coffait
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