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Introducing 'OWN Fanclub'

A creative output come independent lifestyle brand, 'Own Fanclub' lands with on the streets football all over. Inspired by the creative game that sits close to the pitch, the guys behind the brand have kicked off proceedings with a bespoke zine that captures everything this brand personifies.

While the football programme remains a regular feature, fan groups have always been an active lot when it comes to producing their own written and printed lo-fi commentary. Combining mediums and taking great influence too, the 'OWN Fanzine' has been launched as an introduction to this brand. Once upon a time, zines would line the streets and surround stadiums. Often photocopied and printed containing just two colours, they contain a real sense of DIY culture. This brand looks to bottle that punk-like style and apply it to football.

own fan club tees_0001_Layer 1.jpg
own fan club tees_0000_Layer 2.jpg

'Own Fanclub' is a concept club which runs with a thought provoking presentation. The first instalment of the zine is packed with satirical football references while the first pieces of apparel represents football culture from the concrete jungle in its own unique style.

It's an intriguing beginning for the brand. You can watch this space as more follows.


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