With an absolutely stand out design that takes inspiration from the 'eagle knight' jersey worn by Memo Ochoa in 2008, Nike unveil the Club America 2021 third shirt, and it also comes with further additions to the wider clothing collection.

Back in November, Club América unveiled their outstanding new pre-match jersey and supporting apparel collection, and the sublime style of that drop is carried on further, with the launch of the Mexican side’s new third shirt and extended clothing collection, which celebrates culture and lifestyle, transcending the confines of the field and projecting out to the rest of the world.

As anticipated, the design of the third shirt pays homage to the design of the 2008 goalkeeper shirt worn by Guillermo Ochoa, which itself was inspired by the Aztec Calendar. It’s a celebration of the club's greatness and spirit of competition that is reflected in various graphic elements that stand out on an elegant white base, with black piping and the shield in the centre of the chest, where the sponsor logo fits seamlessly.

It’s joined by a white pre-match jacket, which sees the same graphic that covers the shirt used minimally on a central band and on the shoulders leading down the sleeves. The Mexican side boast one of the most uniquely identifiable looks in the game, a fact that has been underlined once more with this drop. You wish your side could look this good…

ca 17-min.jpg
ca 22-min.jpg
ca 20-min.jpg
ca 21-min.jpg
ca 18-min.jpg
ca 19-min.jpg
ca 16-min.jpg
ca 24-min.jpg

The Club América third shirt and clothing collection will be available from prodirectsoccer.com later this month.