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Neymar Is Getting His Own Netflix Docu-Series

Something of an of inevitability about this really, but it appears that Neymar is set to be the latest footballer to get his own documentary, with Netflix currently filming the Brazilian star on and off the pitch.

Football documentaries have emerged as something of a surprise trend over the last year, and streaming services have been battling to come out on top in this arena, churning out closer looks at teams like Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund, Sunderland, Leeds United, and soon, Tottenham Hotspur, while players that have come into focus include Sergio Ramos, Steven Gerrard and Maradona. And now Netflix seem to have made a big statement, with reports suggesting that they’re currently filming PSG’s Neymar for his own docu-series.


The obvious pinnacle of the current football documentary craze would be a focus on Messi or Ronaldo, but with neither likely to succumb to the intrusion on their private lives that would come with a camera following you around 24/7, Neymar surely comes out on top of the next tier of premium players that will likely attract a huge audience, and so it appears that, if true, this could be a huge boon for Netflix.

While both PSG and the American streaming service have refused to comment on the reports, the sheer number of cameras present suggest that they could be filming a multi-part series as opposed to a one-off special. The potential to get not only a closer insight into the Brazilian’s personal life but also into the inner-workings of Europe’s premier hype club will surely be enough to attract huge numbers to the documentary. Having recently been seen in attendance at Paris Fashion Week recently, before partying with models at the launch of the first Replay x PSG collection, there should be plenty of highlights away from the pitch. Including him just having a good-old-definitely-not-weird-cuddle with his mummy…

Stay tuned for an official launch date...

Daniel Jones

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