The power of the football shirt, a symbol of football that quite literally embodies the passion and support that fans and players alike throw into the game. Supporters.Pro grab that passion and re-work it in style, most recently heading to both the light and dark side to produce a Star Wars inspired collection.

Packing more force than a Darth Vader industrial strength throat sweet, this inspired collection takes touches of one of the world's most loved film series and re-imagines them in football shirt form. No cheese, it's done in utter style with design leading the approach from the bespoke crests to the print that washes the body of the shirts.

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With Christmas calling and a the Force Awakening the question quite frankly is what better way to short your shared passion of football and the way of the Jedi than with one of these taste making beauties? Think more Empire Strikes Back than Episode 1, this is an almighty collection masterminded by Barcelona-based Fashion Designer Nerea Palacios and New York Designer and Illustrator Daniel Nyari.

This collection joins the Clubs, National Teams, NFL clubs and Game of Thrones kits they have already produced - give 'em a look here. A C3P0 football shirt? Yes please.