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Red Star x Bombers Release Two-Piece Capsule

Those Parisian mavericks are at it again, no not those ones, we’re talking about the OG Parisian mavericks, Red Star FC, who have hooked up with Bombers Original for a mini capsule of two jackets; one a classic bomber in the Red Star colours, and then a new silhouette.

Following on from the debut of their very first own branded lifestyle collection last year, Red Star FC have unveiled a collaboration with Bombers Original for what is the meeting of two historical, iconic and timeless entities. Two great and long stories that meet around two pieces. A classic bomber in the Red Star colours, and a new silhouette. These are aviator jackets for those with their feet on the ground and their eyes on Red Star.

red star 25-min.jpg
red star 12-min.jpg

Bombers Original, fo rthose not in the know, pays tribute to American aviators with modern jackets for men, women and children. From military uniform to fashionable garment, the Bomber has been constantly reinterpreted without ever losing its beauty. A duty of memory that Bombers Original has made a point of celebrating since its inception. 

The story here is not told simply in the coming together of the two brands and the classic silhouettes. Dive deeper and you’ll find that the history of Red Star is also told through the product. The inside of the right flank is marked with the following inscription: The Red Star is not just a football club. It is much more than just football. From yesterday to tomorrow, elusive, Red Star runs through history and is above all in the heart. 

The bombers are revealed in a lookbook inspired by the works of Larry Clark and reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. An aesthetic that, like the Bomber and the Red Star, has survived the ages without ever getting old.

red star 26-min.jpg
red star 27-min.jpg
red star 24-min.jpg
red star 23-min.jpg
red star 22-min.jpg
red star 21-min.jpg
red star 20-min.jpg
red star 19-min.jpg
red star 18-min.jpg
red star 17-min.jpg
red star 16-min.jpg
red star 15-min.jpg
red star 14-min.jpg
red star 13-min.jpg

The Red Star x Bombers jackets are available at

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