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Red Star FC x Vice Collaborate For New Streetwear Collection

A pairing that somehow just feels right, Red Star and Vice have launched a collaborative collection, showcased in a lookbook inspired by The Office, of all things.

Yep, you read that right. Whether we’re talking David Brent and Wernham Hogg or Michael Scott and Dunder Mifflin, the general vibe remains the same, and it’s where Red Star and Vice have taken inspiration, framing their latest collaborative collection and showcasing the talent that you don’t usually see: the men and women behind the scenes who have been making the Red Star for years now. 

red star 9-min.jpg
red star 8-min.jpg

The lookbook was captured by the talented Capucine Deblé and Emile Moutaud, and it sees employees of the club and its partner groups modelling the streetwear collection in scenarios that could’ve been lifted straight out of the famous sitcom. The collection itself sees Red Star FC’s instantly recognisable aesthetic once again joined by the “Vice” sponsor in the centre slot, after its switch to the sleeve on last year's kit. It's comprised of a jackets, sweates, tees and a cap.

red star 11-min.jpg
red star 5-min.jpg
red star 2-min.jpg
red star 3-min.jpg
red star 6-min.jpg
red star 8-min.jpg
red star 7-min.jpg
red star 10-min.jpg
red star 4-min.jpg
red star 12-min.jpg

Head to to shop the collection.

Daniel Jones

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