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Fokohaela Creates Special Golden 1 of 1 Messi Argentina Shirt

In honour of his World Cup win and the fact he’s just an all-round don, design Maestro Fokohaela has created a very special one-of-one golden Messi Argentina shirt, which features holographic elements and Argentina blue accents.

Whilst some will still argue over who the true GOAT of world football is, Lionel Messi certainly has no more to prove when it comes to credentials, having guided his Argentina side to the 2022 World Cup title. That trophy is pretty much completes his collection of those available to win. And in celebration of the latest addition to his cabinet, Fokohaela has created a special edition jersey, based on the Argentina shirt.

messi 13-min.jpg
messi 6-min.jpg

The shirt arrives gilded in different golden hues, with different textured fabrics, including velvet, creating the shades needed to represent Argentina’s renowned stripes through the body. The number 10 appears on the right side of the chest opposite an embroidered Argentina crest. Specially woven side strips are presented in the classic Argentinian blue, while the back plays host to a whole raft of glorious shoutouts to the great man. 

First off is a further carry on of that woven fabric in the national colours on the back of the collar. It rides atop of the word ‘Messi’, appearing as it would on any normal shirt. Except this one is holographic, working in tandem with the number 10 below it to contain an image of Messi himself, shining through in a sunburst graphic inspired by the Argentinian aesthetic of Fileteado. Either side of the stylised number 10 are the letters D and S, combining with the 1 and 0 to discreetly spell the word Dios, meaning god. The perfect sign off to the perfect tribute. Feels like a shirt good enough for only one man to wear.

And as if all of that wasn't enough, Fokohaela has also created a special reversible Argentina hat, gold on one side, and the Argentina colours on the other. Bask in all its glory.

messi 3-min.jpg
messi 5-min.jpg
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messi 10-min.jpg
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