Arriving as one of the first kits to show off the new template for the upcoming World Cup, adidas unveil the Argentina 2022 home shirt, which sees a return to more of a traditional look.

Last year’s Argentina home shirt featured a somewhat controversial switch up to the stripes, with an ethereal camo like graphic sitting inside the light blue stripes. Well that’s now made way for a far more traditional take on the south American nation’s look, with solid blue stripes sitting alongside the white, all of which is bordered by black trim. Solid look for Messi and co.

argentina 2-min.jpg
argentina 5-min.jpg

Those traditional stripes only feature on the front though, with the rear stripe formation taking up an odd thin/thick variation, apparently meant to represent the Argentinian flag. 

The shirt is given added texture by the fact it is constructed from adidas’s latest HEAT.RDY fabric, which features a new ventilation knit pattern. The Sol de Mayo, the national emblem of Argentina, appears on the back under the collar as a nice sign off.

This is also one of the first competitive shirts to feature the new Adidas performance logo, which arrives without the 'adidas' wording beneath it.

argentina 3-min.jpg
argentina 4-min.jpg
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argentina 6-min.jpg

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